Author Topic: OFFICIAL OOC RULES OF HALFMOON  (Read 150 times)

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« on: October 04, 2020, 02:33:44 AM »
these rules are expected to be followed across the entire site and, if broken, will result in a punishment. the type of punishment varies from rule to rule, but typically the first rule break results in a message by staff, the second an official warning, and the third a temporary ban.

rudeness will not be tolerated whatsoever. everyone must be respectful of one another and be nothing less than kind. this includes mixing ic and ooc opinions to target a member through roleplay. deliberate rudeness expressed towards anyone on-site will result in consequences, and the staff team takes this rule very seriously; racism, homophobia, xenophobia or any targeted hate towards a minority will lead to a ban. halfmoon is all about community, any infliction or harm to said community will result in either warnings, suspensions, or bans dependent on the severity situations.

halfmoon is a pg-13 site, meaning minors are allowed. for this reason, smut or anything sexually explicit media will not be tolerated. extremely gory or triggering images are also not allowed. if need be, use fade-to-black in topics that are teetering on the edge of explicit media. posting anything explicit will result in it getting removed and a warning or ban depending on the severity.

cursing/swearing is not an issue whatsoever so long as it's not used rudely towards members, but any usage of racial or derogatory slurs will result in a ban. this also applies for ic speech.

please provide a clear trigger warning at the top of the post when roleplaying or discussing sensitive topics, such as heavy drug use, sexual assault, gore, etcetera. if no trigger warnings are in place for a post with sensitive content, staff will edit the warning in and dm the member.

in order to avoid any potential misinformation or drama, please do not reprimand a member for their rule breaks. if there is a member that is making you uncomfortable, or is breaking a rule, please dm a staff member and explain the situation!

do not steal or claim anyone's work as your own, including but not limited to: writing, creative ideas, templates, and art. if your media is being claimed by another, please report it to staff with appropriate receipts to prove your own original creation!

repeated posts with no valid content to them and clearly posted in effort to annoy others, flood threads, etcetera will be removed and result in a warning.

staff members are expected to uphold a respect for everyone on-site. during discussions they must follow a respectful and professional tone, and any personal bias or rudeness will result in the staff member being removed from the discussion until able to discuss matters calmly. staff members must also treat all site members with a great deal of respect and empathy; private messages to site members from staff will be subject to be public knowledge for the staff team to ensure the staff member is maintaining professionalism and kindness, even when issuing warnings and the like.

not only that, but staff members are held to a higher expectation due to their position of power on the site. a staff member may not always have a squeaky clean background, but reputation will be taken into consideration if an applicant or staff member has instigated drama in the past. staff members are expected to have a fairly scandal free reputation in recent years. even off-site, staff members are expected to remain drama free to ensure multiple members are not made uncomfortable by their presence on the staff team.