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BLOODMONEY / private
« on: December 19, 2020, 01:54:19 PM »
”This one for sure! Oh my god,” Michiko stated excitedly as she draped a satin button down over the top of the dressing room door. ”For parties- or dates,” She explained, a smile dancing on her lips as she thought of the other on a date. She’d pay money to listen to Brendan flirt.

”And this jacket- you need something warmer than a denim.” She added a casual dark wool peacoat that would hit just below his waist. ”Leave that unbuttoned when you wear it, or you won’t like it.” Her wedges clicked on the tile as she examined the other two shirts she had selected for Brendan. Not wanting to overwhelm him more than he may already be, she decided against the patterned shirts she chose. Brendan would lose faith in her choices if she strayed too far from his comfort zone. She placed them on the rack just at the dressing area’s entrance before returning to the chair outside Brendan’s room.

Michiko didn’t know how she had convinced Brendan to allow her to play stylist with him, but she was extremely pleased with herself for doing so. It probably had to do with the fact that Michiko was not easy to say no to. She had been head of the debate team in middle school before she realized that was social suicide, of course.

”This is the last store, I promise,” She added, sure he was ready to go home. It was close to the mall’s closing time, and it was already getting dark out due to the cold season. Michiko wondered to herself if he would be up for getting dinner after this, noticing the ache in her stomach. Shopping really wore you out. Maybe sushi? Or pasta? She’d let Brendan choose if he was up for it after all- he deserved it.


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Re: BLOODMONEY / private
« Reply #1 on: December 19, 2020, 06:07:31 PM »
Squeaking as the satin button-down flops onto his head and drapes over his eyes, Brendan shrinks and yanks the fabric off his head. He examines it for a moment, frown tugging on his lips as his thumbs toy with the texture—he shivers a little at its touch. Ehh... When the jacket flies over the door, he flinches once more, exhales sharply and then hangs the shirts on the bar of the dressing room before he rips off his shirt.

Truth be told, he hardly has any idea why he agreed to this stupid mall thing, too; he hates spending money, especially on himself, and...and all of these clothes—God. Of course, saying no to Michi is like trying to wrestle a bull, so when the idea was proposed to him, well...he had to say yes, yeah? Not like he had anything to do tonight.

Smoothing out the shirt once he has finished fiddling with the buttons, Brendan tilts his head to one side, staring down at the fabric. He...he doesn't know, but he supposes he can't decide until he heads out and examines himself in the mirror. Sliding on the jacket, he puffs out his cheeks and turns heel; he creaks open the door, sticking his head out first, before he timidly lets the rest of his body follow suit.

Gulping, the brunette tiptoes towards the mirror. He stands still as stone, avoiding looking at his own eyes as he sizes up Michi's selections. For a moment his thoughts wander: he can...kinda envision himself wearing this shirt in the future, but the coat...? He cocks his head. Eh. He likes the one he already has.

"This is the last store, I promise."

Brendan huffs. "Okay." He doesn't dare to say that she promised that at the last store, but instead he slides off the coat. "Uhm...I'll keep the shirt."

He had already bought something at the last store and the store before that, so might as well make this a trilogy, he supposes. (He just prays that his wallet isn't calling CPS on him after this.)