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nausea / private
« on: December 19, 2020, 10:03:51 PM »
claire loves u!

Hetal woke up to her head spinning and a flurry of notifications. In the midst of incredulously scrolling through a bunch of lol is it trues and wtfs, one text in particular caught her eye - a coy little wink from Michiko Kojima.

She stared at her wall, then back into her phone. "What the fuck?" 

Hetal paused, then leaned back into her pillow to try and comb through the events of last night. Was there something she said? Did?

She didn't think so..she literally just went straight home after - oh. 

Hetal closed her eyes. It was just a dream. None of this was real.

But then she pinched her cheek and winced. Shit.

She hadn't even been with him like that. He didn't have any reason to get as mad as he did. If he decided to crawl over to someone else for help in plotting his revenge, then it literally wasn't her problem.

Except it was, now, with whatever the fuck this whole thing was.

She began to doll herself up as usual. No one had time for this. She didn't know what everyone was chattering about, but nothing was going to stop her from looking like herself. She would just go to school, walk down the hall, and..

Her heart dropped.

No, it couldn't be. No one knew about that. Unless - no, Michiko wouldn't go that far, could she? Plus, there was literally no way she could..yeah. Haha. No. Of course not.

But Hetal's mind continued to race as she pushed open the doors to her high school. She could immediately feel eyes shoot into her back, but she tried to keep her motives in check. She scanned the clearing for her target, and soon enough, she spotted the girl leaning against a locker, twirling a piece of her hair while snickering at something someone said.

The sight blinded her with fury. Hetal stormed towards her, unconcerned with whether her actions were creating a scene.   

"What did you do?!"