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just a little longer, darling / private.
« on: December 20, 2020, 08:59:39 PM »
From as long as Scooter could remember, he craved love.

Scooter was known as being the 'little casanova', romancing girls by the time he was in elementary school. His love knew no boundaries, going as far as stealing his father's (very expensive) Michael Kors watch to profess his undying love for Jennifer Wesley in the fifth grade. needless to say, that didn't go well over his parents head.

This desire? It followed him throughout his middle and now high school years. Sure, Jennifer Wesley was great, but Rachel Cole had been his first real love. Only this year did it seem to be over for good when she started dating, Benny, and he can't lie. . . it hurts. Still, it seems to get a little easier to get over now that he's with Marlowe. With Marlowe, he forgets about all of the bad things in world and yet, despite knowing there's something more there, he has trouble surpassing the friend zone. He can't help but wonder why.

Maybe it's a lack of romantic gesture, but what would Marlowe like from him? The answer seems to arrive when she texts him that she's on her period. Scooter wastes no further time into researching what 'women on their period' liked, needed, and so on, before making a trip to the store to collect those things: ice cream, a heating pad, and some pain meds, if she needed those. He made his way to her penthouse, and upon arrival, texts her:

Hey can you come downstairs? I have a surprise (;