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« on: December 24, 2020, 08:14:14 AM »
the fantasy, animal-centered main game of halfmoon. here, you can let your imagination run wild!

Boundless Havens is the animal main game of Halfmoon, opposite Hesper County. In this roleplay world, humans have gone extinct long ago, leaving the animals to reclaim the land. Now, nature rules the planet, having evolved and mutated rapidly over the last few centuries. Boundless Havens has its own shop category as well, as these animals possess the ability to have powers, ranging from enhanced sense to elemental control! BH has many aspects of fantasy intertwined, including its territories which also may be fantasy ideas, given this takes place in liquid space, leaving room for any kind of terrain your mind can create! If you have any questions about the limits of fantasy landscapes as well, just ask staff- we’ll be excited to help! Below is the plot of BH, be sure to check that out!

Welcome to Boundless Havens, a wild world ruled by nature and fantasy. Just five years ago, three great clans ruled this land- great communities of various animals, bound together through loyalty and fierceness. These three clans did not always see eye to eye, their morals often conflicting and their actions affecting another. But they managed to live in (mostly) peace for decades, until one of the clans became blinded by rage after a raid that left their territory ransacked, their young killed, and their clan in shambles. The powerful ones of the ravaged clan banded together, and called on their elemental abilities to work together, creating a powerful tornado. The storm raged straight for the clan that had ruined their own, destroying its land and members. But the concentration took a great toll on the already injured beings, and the storm spiraled out of control, ruining the third clan as well, and the territories surrounding it.

After the storm had finally subsided, the creatures of the land were left with nothing. Their empires lay in crumbles, their families injured or passed, their leaders distraught in anger and disbelief. Of the fraction that were left alive, only some were able to make the long journey of finding usable land.

Now, their population is slowly recovering, and the new territories are still being explored fully. Anarchy rules the lands, creatures too wary of the dangers of creating civilizations again. These creatures roam the lands, traveling with friends or trusted ones, and fending off dangerous strangers.

Can you survive in this harsh world?

Boundless Havens has hundreds of different biomes, all free to be explored and roleplayed in! Feel free to describe an entirely new biome if you wish your character to reside there in a thread, or choose one of the suggested three that staff have created!

Welcome to Heartlake Hills, known for its serene atmosphere and beautiful fields of color. This area is often said to be the land of life, its soil rich, growing sprawls of wildflowers, ancient oak trees, and home to plentiful prey.

It’s territory begins where the grass turns soft, nestled between gentle rolling hills. The heart shaped lake marks the most northern part of the territory, home to many aquatic birds. In the warmer seasons, lily pads dot the surface.

In the southern part of Heartland Hills resides a towering victorian manor, covered in ivy that reclaims the structure to nature. A larger pond resides before it, with a couple small boats resting along the shoreline. The manor stands two stories tall, its interior made up of cream stone walls and worn checkered floors. Furniture is sparse, as the manor was long ago abandoned. Chairs dot the building along with a few tables. There are large beds in the upstairs bedrooms, but few other items of furniture to occupy the large space. The windows are arched and grand, supplying plenty of light during the day.

Heartlake Hills is a place where peace usually reigns, recognized as a land to forget the savagery of the world these creatures reside in- though that may not always stop the rogues who may abuse the land’s plentiful harvests for their own. Tread blissfully, but cautiously.

 Shimiko Square is a rough and tough nightlife city. Here, the moon rules the city’s life rather than the day. The nocturnal city is dotted with lanterns and LED lights, providing spectacular light displays that help the many storefronts stand out. This city is bustling with traders, creatures eager to sell warm furs, fresh meat, produce, weaponry, and more! There is almost always a constant chatter in the atmosphere, bringing a feeling of safety to the otherwise intimidating looking city.

Although bustling and tight-knit, the trading center is fairly small. The stores and buildings that make up the square are staggered atop each other, the stone stair pathway leading you through them. The buildings are short and squarish, though beautifully made, with fenced storefronts full of plants and red glowing lanterns. Red lit signs advertise many shops, pulling your attention and guiding your way. The air fills with scents of produce and meats as well as flowers and greenery. There’s constantly traders shouting out their prices and wares, hoping to pull you in to trade.

The Japanese-style city is surrounded by a natural moat that is overcome by four bridges that clearly mark North, East, South, and West. Many koi fish populate the lake, as well as red-crowned cranes. The surrounding terrain is fairly rocky and home to woodlands, the areas closest to the bridges thinning out with axed down trees. Dirt trails lead to the city, worn by the many travelers who seek the well-known trading center.

Far beyond the boundaries of the other territories lurks a mystical land that seems to draw you in: Red Cap Ridge.

In the daytime, this unsuspecting mushroom forest seems like a perfect haven for any weary traveler. Large rivers run through the territory, leading up to a massive lake with a gorgeous waterfall—there are even rumors that a cave lies behind the water. Not only that, but prey is abundant in both the marshy lands and the waters, with plenty of fish, birds and rodents to eat. There is even edible vegetation for those who prefer berries and the like, however some plants are poisonous and deadly.

Once the sun sets, things get strange. The mushrooms grow a bright red in the dark, and even some ripples in the water glow blue from the fish. More vicious, nocturnal creatures come out at night, and many smaller creatures are urged to hide to avoid getting eaten.

Despite all of the night’s dangers, there is something that remains a hot topic amongst the creatures in this territory: the village. Due to some strange magic from long ago, a village appears in the Red Cap Ridge only at nighttime; there, many creatures sell addictive foods and drinks one can only find here. However, if one were to consume too much, they’d be trapped in the village for all eternity.

( c ) @snufkin 

Drum up some character ideas and create a subaccount! Then make a "joining thread," to have your character officially join the lands of Boundless Havens, or you can skip this step and simply make an "introduction thread," where your character can introduce themselves, as if they've been there all alone and just now are stepping out of the background! If you'd like your character to belong to a pre-existing family in BH, just check out the adoption board to see which family is accepting new members/characters! If you have any questions, just ask in the helping hub, or pm a staff member!