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> the beginning of the end // : private , bright
« on: October 19, 2020, 12:30:50 AM »

THERE ARE EYES EVERYWHERE. They remain perfectly still from the pathways dressed in bare lights, the corners of luxurious buildings and torn out dreams, seeking and stealing anything worthwhile of him. His gaze leaves from where he believes he is being perceived, though always in the end, he will find the shudders that envelope his bones. The sky is cold, but here is colder when love is absent. Welcome back to County Hesper where monsters consume others and themselves, birds are mistaken for Mothman's eldritch kids, and the New York kissed children learns how to, not live, but, survive. Nothing here feels gently familiar. ( I remember this home of mine. The blood given from here, a residence for wars and tragedies, still hangs at the back of my throat like a memory, a shadow, a dream. It brings the reminder that I was never a child, and that I am never a man either; I was and still am alive despite everything. )

Something hard hits his side and he tenses, eyes widen, anxiety clenched between sharp teeth. He glances over to endure the pain feeding upon his blood and organs. The laughters tearing across the air while they are made of damned fairytales and honey with tinted poison. The darkness kissing him the eternal goodbye. He blinks and meets Bright's hardened expression beside him. Only him and more. ' Oh, it's just you, my true home. ' Slowly slouching, he releases the tension, and around him, the world sighs in relief. He realizes he must had accidentally bumped into Bright as he catches the annoyance flickering in his eyes. Yet he chooses to ignore the emotion, only wanting his eyes on him. But as the entire universe stares at Dark, Bright is looking away and that fact alone makes him feel lonelier than before. Perhaps, ever, even. Let life do its worst. ( Still, I look at you because I love you anyway. ) " Sorry about that, " he mutters to him, unapologetic.

" I just don't miss this place in one bit. " A shaky exhale. A bite on the truth. Oh, how it tastes like iron. Can Dark be blamed for his paranoia that was built out of holy fire and phantom pain? He should not be afraid of his own shadow, but alas, he is. He is. He should not. * I WAS A DOVE WHO DID NOT KNOW HOW TO FLY, HOW TO BE FREE, AND FOR ALL OF MY TENDERNESS OFFERED TO THE WORLD, I WAS TORN APART BY IT - BY BOTH THE HUMANITY AND THE SUPERNATURAL. I THEN ROAM AND ROAM AND ROAM, HAUNTED BY THE THOUGHT THAT I COULD HAD BEEN AN IMPOSSIBLE LIGHT IN THE SKY, BUT NOW, HERE I AM AT HOME, UNDESIRED AND UNLOVED. // He tries to remember why are they here again. Tries to hope that this is nothing but a dream and that he is somewhere far from a place his name and soul are forever lost in. Dead at this very step into the unknown once more. He finds nothing but eyes everywhere and closes his own, trying to breathe again.

" Entertain me with this question, Mr. Bright: Why exactly are we back in Hesper County again? "
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Re: > the beginning of the end // : private , bright
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NEITHER OF THEM BELONG HERE NOR ANYWHERE ELSE. Bright knows solitude like it is a second language. It would sit still on his tongue and melt into a song that tastes of salt and ashes, holding beautiful words with ugly meanings. He understood it by playing at abandoned playgrounds and graveyards, being a last choice of everything to everyone, asking out of curiosity if smiling or laughing burns. Come to Hesper County, and you will learn how to pray, even with your knees on your deepest abandonment. Though wandering on this damned route to a new chapter with Dark, a limping, ragged breathing tragedy with stitched back and eyes bearing the saddest constellations, he remembers that there will always be an echo to his footsteps, gentle or otherwise; that being Dark, Dark, Grim. He then wonders what makes of them both if life does not accept them. If death does not want them. ( Nothing. We are nothing to life and death and the in between. But to each other, we are so much more than everything. We are alone and we are impossible. )

Each step he takes, he hears crow calls and a snap of bones. Through the soft sunlight, the path appears as clear before him and the sky is empty, yet he still finds himself walking on his memories - what exists silently and violently all at once to guide him home. His muscles twitch at the glimpse of time where he jumped off of an ancient tree’s branch, catching the same pain of an arm fractured for love, a piece of a fairytale. [ AT THE AGE OF TEN YEARS OLD - OCCURRED IN 3:00PM BY LUNAR POINT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - REASON OF ACTION: THEY TOLD ME THAT IN ORDER TO BE A REAL ANGEL, TO BE FORGIVEN AND REMEMBERED BY GOD, I MUST SACRIFICE A BONE OR MORE TO CONNECT MY FAITH WITH HIM; I DID IT IN THE NAME OF FAITH, AND SOON THOUGHT HOW WAS IT POSSIBLE THAT BELIEVING COULD BE SO VIOLENT ] A rough touch falls on his arm and he halts with a flinch. He finds Dark who had bumped into him before his lips curl into a frown, but he quickly looks away, not wishing to find himself in the other’s eyes, his own little terror.

At the question given from a mind muddled by traumas, the anxiety curling around Dark's tender throat, the tension standing between his partner and himself, he tries to laugh, break the tension; and there is nothing beautiful about his sound. It does burn to laugh. " We came here because of our jobs, obviously, Mr. Dark, " he replies, poorly offering him the " entertainment ", as it is done to mainly emphasize their professions. " Considering the effects of being in Hesper County, I do not ever plan to have us be here for anything but so. " Especially not when he can hear the whimpers in Dark's chest, from a heart that is so easily breakable and eatable, ever reaching and ever failing to be heard by the universe but him. He feels entitled to devour his heart so it can remain safe in himself. ( I only know how to bear the Armageddon, the Ragnarök, the chaos of all, but if you give me the time and space I need, eventually, my teeth will soften and my esophagus will be like a warm home; monsters can be friendly too if you give them enough love. )

" For exact reasons though, we have been receiving a lot of requests from the citizens of both Lunar Point and Solace City. The cases are getting high and their police departments are doing a shit job with them, no surprise there. " He snorts, hoping Dark will notice the attempt to make him smile at the end. Though Bright thinks he would not when he himself notices how his eyes are closed, his breaths being nearly absent. An ache forms within Bright as uncertainty crawls wildly across his mind. He does understand the paranoia - an unforgiving, cruel thing to an individual, therefore, he takes a deep breath and tightly holds Dark’s shaken hand, trying to keep him in the present. DO NOT BE AFRAID / DO NOT BE AFRAID / D O  N O T  B E  A F R A I D- " Grim, hey, listen to me- look at me, " he calls, squeezing him, " If you need a week or so to adjust to here, you are more than welcome as I do not mind taking upon the first few cases by myself. " Despite himself, he tries to find anything in Dark's eyes. Even himself if it means he will be okay in the end.

" It will be difficult at first, but remember that unlike before, I am here with you now." He says it in dying love, faint and distorted. His way of expressing is the opposite of poetry, but in the end, he means it as a promise, and that has to be something at least.
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