Author Topic: THE PUMPKIN SONG — open, trick-or-treating  (Read 227 times)


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THE PUMPKIN SONG — open, trick-or-treating
« on: October 30, 2020, 02:36:17 PM »
Every Halloween in Hesper County is treated with some form of worship; not in a religious sense of course but something more...celebratory. Halloween decorations are scattered everywhere, even in spots where they really aren't necessary, and everyone leading up to the week of Halloween simply cannot shut up about the spooky holiday. Even during taekwondo lessons, the kids would babble nonstop about their costumes, their favorite candy, their favorite decorations, all of that.

Now on Friday, October 30th, the excitement slams through the roof. Not for Brendan, no, but for anybody else who adores this holiday—yes. Normally on the day before Halloween there is a large trick-or-treat event, where everyone gathers into a crowd and marches around the city, exercising their legs to get ready for the night after. But this year, with all of those recent murders, not only is the event pushed back from the evening to four o'clock in the afternoon, but Brendan can't help but notice how much smaller the crowd is.

Fixing the headband to his Cobra Kai costume, Brendan casually lingers at the edge of the crowd, his eyes skirting side-to-side as he waits for the clock to strike four. Occasionally he finds himself trying to pick out a certain face, one he'd love to see right now, but then he has to remind himself that no, he just met that person, he shouldn't be this eager (...he still looks anyways, though).

Impatiently, he jostles with the bag of candy he holds, filled to the brim with candies that he randomly picked out in the local grocery store. If a kid asks for candy, he'd give one, or maybe two...heck, three, because he really wants to get rid of these and, judging by the size of the crowd, he'd need to be a lot more generous with these this year if he wants them all gone.

...Or he can give some to the cute dude at the coffee shop if he really wants to feel brave. But at that thought he blushes and swings the bag again, accidentally scraping the edge of it against someone in the process.

355 words.
brendan l.